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Team up with Brighton Baseball by becoming a sponsor!
This is a great way to show the community your support for Brighton Baseball and the youth of Brighton!
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For 2017, we are proud to offer the following sponsorship opportunities:
Standard Sponsorship - $350.00 for two standard banners, one each hung at Buckland & Meridian Parks' Little League fields.
Upgrade Sponsorship - $375.00 for one standard banner hung at Meridian Park and one large banner hung at our Varsity Lighted Field at Buckland Park.

Each sponsor will be assigned to a Baseball or Softball team - first come, first served. Name & logo displayed on Brighton Little League website with scrolling logos and web banners, and promoted at all Brighton Little League events for all 3 seasons: Spring, Summer and Fall.
Your logo will be scrolling during Opening Day Ceremonies, Email blast just before opening day that will go out to every member, past and present, thanking our sponsors and more!
If you have any questions please feel free to reply via email or phone. Thank you.
Celina Frank
Sponsorship Coordinator
Brighton Little League

  Sponsors Name and Logo on Players Uniforms


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