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Rochester, NY
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The Phil Feldman Award
For more than 25 years, Brighton Little League has awarded an outstanding volunteer to the program with the Phil Feldman Award. But unless you know who Phil Feldman was, you cannot truly appreciate the magnitude of the honor.
Phil Feldman’s ties to baseball were lifelong. He was originally from New York City, graduating from Madison High School, where he was the star second baseman. He was offered a minor league contract by a team affiliated with the Brooklyn Dodgers. His competition for the second base job would have been the legendary Jackie Robinson. Instead of pursuing baseball, however, Feldman chose to go to school. He attended the University of Missouri and graduated with a degree in journalism. From there he moved to Village Lane in Brighton. Feldman first went to work for the Canandaigua Messenger, and then went to work for the Rochester Times-Union before he took on the role of Director of Public Relations for Monroe Community College.
Although he had a successful career on tap, his love for baseball could not be stopped. He began to umpire high school baseball games and became very active in Brighton Little League. His tenure on the board of directors spanned 10 years (1965-1974), including two as commissioner (1969 and 1970). He was intent on having sportsmanship a priority of Brighton Little League, and was a stickler for fair play. In 1974, at age 46, Phil Feldman passed away as the result of a heart attack. To maintain his legacy, the Feldman Award was created with the hope of giving it annually to the volunteer that exemplifies Feldman’s passion for baseball, sportsmanship, and Brighton Little League. Two sons survive Phil: Richard, who resides in St. Louis, MO, and Chuck, who lives in St. John in the Virgin Islands.
To have the honor of the Feldman Award bestowed upon an individual is a truly remarkable feat. It means they are a consummate professional in an organization of volunteers, and are the epitome of character and dedication. The following people have earned this honor with their hard work and unselfish, caring commitment to the young men and women of Brighton Little League.
Recipients of the Phil Feldman Award
1985 Marvin Kucker
1986 Bernie Natel
1987 Bob Kessler
1988 Joyce Curran
1989 Ron Ruff
1990 Dr. Joe Rube
1991 Gary Acker
1992 Rob Wasserman and Bob Schiller
1999 Matt Stenross
2000 Steve Cubitt
2001 Paul MacArthur
2002 Nick Camardello and Gordon Gray
2003 Paul Tankel and Ed Bloom
2004 Don Oinen and Rich Krebs
2005 Lisa Campbell
2006 Judy Seil
2007 William Bauer
2008 David Zorn
2009 Steve Rauh
2010 Guy Martin & Ann Dozier
2011 Steve Silverman
2012 Pat Wilmot
2013 Neal Rogachefsky
2014 Meredith Ernstrom
2015 Jim Miller