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  • Sunday, June 28th, Fields closed this morning.  Status of afternoon and evening games will be updated later this morning.
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Former Brighton Little Leaguer wins College World Series
Congratulations Ernie Clement and Virginia On their College...
Little League Tournament Team Tryouts
Looking to Play More Baseball This Summer? Want a Chance to Play...
2015 Summer Camp - Baseball/Softball Academy
Bat Regulations and Sizing Guide
It is that time of the year when we start buying new baseball...
Little League Standards to Help Save Young Arms
2015 Spring Registration
Registration will close after Sunday March 29 except SIP, Jr &...
Field of Memories
“Field Of Memories” Remembering those who were so...
Former Brighton Little Leaguer wins College World Series

Ernie Clement, former Brighton Little Leaguer

Congratulations Ernie Clement



On their College World Series Championship


Ernie got his start in baseball playing in Brighton Little League.  After being a standout player for Brighton Highs School, he was recruited to Virginia.  During this season as a freshman, he has several stellar plays, and hits that helped propel his team to the championship.


Brighton Little League is proud of you, Ernie.



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Little League Tournament Team Tryouts

Looking to Play More Baseball This Summer?

Want a Chance to Play in the Little League World Series?

Come to the Little League Tournament Evaluations and Tryouts?



Players who are league age 9-12.  (Born between Dec. 2002-Jan. 2006).

Since this is a select team, we need the families to commit to be available during the tournament period.  We know that many players go to camp or are on vacation during this time.  If you are selected for the team, it is expected that you will be available for a majority of the games during this tournament.  This is to ensure that a player does not take a spot from another player who could be present.

The players will be selected by the Team's coaches and Brigthon Little League board members.

When & Where: 

Saturday- June 6- 4pm at Buckland1
Sunday-June 7- 10 am at Buckland 1
Costs: $125, Includes tournament jersey, tournament fees, and insurance.
The Little League tournament team(s) will be entered into the local LL District tournament if we have enough players with sufficient skill and desire to be competitive in these tournaments.  In addition to being of the appropriate league age, the player must have played in at least 60% of their regular season games, is currently registered in Brigthon Baseball, and attend a school within the Brighton, and/or have a parent or legal guardian that lives with in Brightons's limits.
If you are interested, please come out to Buckland on June 6th or 7th to tryout..
Based on who attends the tryouts, will determine how many teams and which age groups will be entered.
Because this is considered to be a higher level of play, not every player who tries out will necessarily be picked.  
In addition to playing in the District tournament, we often enter the team in 1 or 2 other local tournaments (dates to be determined).
If you have questions please contact:

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2015 Summer Camp - Baseball/Softball Academy

posted 04/25/2015
Bat Regulations and Sizing Guide

It is that time of the year when we start buying new baseball equipment for the up coming season.  As our young players grow, the equipment becomes too small.  Cleats, gloves, and bats all become too small.  Some of this equipments can be major investments, for what may only useful for one season. 

Today, a bat can be a major investment.  There is a bat on the market today which is being sold for $549.  That bat is not for 100% of our younger players.  When considering which bat to buy, you need to think about how serious your son or daughter is about the sport, at what level of play will your player participate, and what are your families resources.  Just because a bat is not $250 or more, doesn't mean it is not a good bat, and a $50 bat swung correctly, is better than one that costs a paycheck but is too heavy or long, even if it does have the coolest graphics.  

Little League has set certain standards and rules for bats based on age group.  All composite bats need to be approved by Little League to be legal in our program.  A list of current Little League approved composite bats can be seen here


Buying a bat of the appropriate size can be difficult, but the following chart helps simplify the process.

by posted 02/20/2015
Little League Standards to Help Save Young Arms

by posted 12/01/2014
2015 Spring Registration
Registration will close after Sunday March 29 except
SIP, Jr & Sr Baseball which will close after April 5.
All registrations after those dates will be placed on wait list status,
and assigned to teams if spaces are available.

Another great year is planned for youth baseball in Brighton, and you don’t want to miss out on the fun! The tables below will direct you to the correct registration form for your age group. Eligible players must live or attend school (public or private) in the Town of Brighton. Click here for more detail about each age group.
A dedicated group of volunteers is already in the planning stages for next season, with Opening Day already scheduled for Saturday, 5/2/2015.
Once your player is registered for the season, you will be able to take advantage of Saturday indoor practice time and clinics at Turf Time beginning January 17th from 9AM-noon for the following age groups:
SIP: 9-10am
Rookies: 10-11am
Minors and older: 11-noon.
So, don't miss out on this great opportunity to hone your skills for this Spring!


A limited number of need based scholarships are available for the 2015 season. Please contact Chris Stodgell for information

Please consider volunteering to coach
It is never too late to start coaching; as the kids advance they need to be exposed to the leadership and confidence building aspects of coaching along with specific skills and positive role models.
New this year, we are planning a couple of coaching clinics.  If you are new to coaching, or an experienced coach, come listen to Jason Wasserman, Brighon High Schools Varsity Coach about what we should expect of our young players, and how to coach the skills our players need.
Brighton Baseball is always open to new members and the contributions of new perspectives. You may volunteer to help coach when you fill our your child's registration below. You'll also need to fill out a volunteer application to coach. Click below and email it to Chris Stodgell at chris.stodgell@gmail.com, or mail it to
Brighton Little League
PO Box 18327
Rochester, NY 14618

All Prices are subject to a family maximum of $360 for Spring Programs

Division Grades
Saturday Instructional (SIP) K $140 Register Now
Rookies Baseball 1,2 $160 Register Now
Minors Baseball 3 $175 Register Now
Majors Baseball* 4,5,6* $175 Register Now
Juniors Baseball 7,8 $175 Register Now
Seniors Baseball** 9-12** $175 Register Now


*7th graders who will be 12 years old on May 1, 2015 are eligible for either Majors or Juniors Baseball
**Seniors Baseball grade level requirement is subject to a birthdate not before May 1, 1998

Register for Girls Softball Programs

All Prices are subject to a family maximum of $360 for Spring Programs

Division Grades
Rookies Softball 1,2 $155 Register Now
Minors Softball 3,4 $185 Register Now
Majors Softball 5,6 $185 Register Now
Juniors/Seniors Softball 7-10 $155 Register Now


Players registered after March 29th, will be placed on the waitlist and only placed on a team if there are spaces available.

by posted 11/17/2014
Field of Memories
“Field Of Memories”

Remembering those who were so important to Brighton Little League
Brighton Little League is an organization that creates great opportunities for the kids in our community.  Brighton Little League has always been led by great volunteers, sponsors, and benefactors.

The Field Of Memories site allows parents, coaches and former players to remember those who have passed, and were so important to youth baseball and softball in Brighton.
The leaders of Brighton Baseball encourage everyone to take a moment and read about some of the individuals who led by example and were so supportive of the kids in our community.


by posted 03/03/2013